Hair Services

*Most Hair Services include shampoo and a blow dry style.

Ladies Haircut

Includes a short consultation on desired hair style, wash, haircut, and blow dry style.


Mens Haircut

Includes a short consultation on desired hair style, wash, haircut, and style.


Wash & Blow Dry Style

Includes a wash and style using blow dryer.


Malibu Treatment

A cleansing method where vitamin C granules in distilled water are applied to your hair for 20 to 40 minutes while processing under heat. This vegan treatment removes mineral buildup and brassiness from your hair.


Updo Styling

Special Occasion hair done in an up style with a curling or smoothing iron.

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Eyebrow Wax


Lip Wax


Brow & Lip Combo Wax


Brow Wax

(Scheduled with a Hair Service)


Lip Wax

(Scheduled with a Hair Service)


Color Services

*Color services include 2 ounces of color. Anything above that will result in extra charges.

Color Retouch

A color retouch is a single service used to color the ¼ – ½ inch new growth of hair. Process includes Hair color, wash, and blow dry style.

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Foil Highlights

A full head of foil highlights is the process of adding strands of lighter hair color using foils throughout the whole head

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Partial Highlights (20 foils or less)

The process of painting lightener on random sections of hair to give variation in depth and dimension.

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The application of foils to sections of hair to make strands a darker color.

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A demi permanent hair color, used to adjust the tone of the hair color. It can help neutralize or enhance specific tones in the hair.

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Corrective Color

A color process to correct damage or unwanted color caused by a color service gone wrong.


per hour

Bleach and Tone

A hair color service where lightener is applied section by section to the whole head to achieve a pale yellow or white level and then applying a toner to get the desired undertone.


per hour

Specialty Services

Subscriptions are available for both Tightline and Hairskeen.


Hair Extension

The Tightline Method is a sew-in hair extension method that can actually help your natural hair get healthier! Tightline is a method of installing hand tied weft hair extensions using only hair and thread. No tape, keratin bonds, or beads. It is incredibly gentle and safe on the hair with little to no damage.

With so many methods available to you, it is overwhelming to try and figure out which one is right for you. The key to healthy hair extensions starts with the foundation. The Tightline Method is special and different from all the other extension methods out there because of our foundation.

No tape, no beads, no keratin bonds! The braid-like foundation we put in, creates a strong, solid foundation that equals even weight distribution of the hair wefts. This helps eliminate undo stress and tension on the natural hair. Your natural hair is protected in this braid-like foundation, when the wefts of hair are sewn onto this foundation. The end result is natural, beautifully blended, healthy, and comfortable hair extension method that helps your natural hair grow healthier and longer.

To learn more about if this could be the right method for you, book a consultation today!

Hairskeen Nonsurgical

Hair System

Thinning Hair? Lack of Density?
Need more Volume? Want your hair back?

Developed by hair professionals, the Hairskeen Solution will give you the look you want and the style you dream of!

Just imagine the feeling of having a full head of hair again!

Have your hair back in 2 hours!

Hairskeen is a selection of unique hair replacements, combining high-tech aesthetics with natural looking designs to easily regain your hair without surgery.

Hairskeen adapts to all types of hair loss. Our solutions are made with extreme finesse, benefiting from the latest technological advances. Including innovative materials for an ultra-natural custom-made result.

Hairskeen has the most advanced skin technology on the market. The hair stays in significantly longer with its V-Loop Skin Technology. Hairskeen has a unique hair ventilating process, preserving the integrity of the hair throughout the knotting stage of production.

Subscriptions are an easy way to ensure your hair system needs are taken care of without even thinking about it.

We offer a variety of Monthly Subscriptions to fit every client’s needs and budget. Monthly Hairskeen Subscriptions require a credit card to be on file. A contract stating a card is allowed to be charged every month on a certain day of the month for an agreed upon amount is also required. Subscriptions are not for everyone. If you are that someone, we also have A LA CARTE options.

Hairskeen Non Surgical Hair Replacement systems are a great way to 100% replace hair where one is thinning, balding, or bald. Systems are applied with different types of adhesive and need maintenance every 2-4 weeks.